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How do I onboard virtual employees remotely?

How do I onboard virtual employees remotely?

Shifting to virtual onboarding can seem daunting if you’ve only ever onboarded employees in person. Here are some tips to improve your virtual onboarding program:

  • Remember it’s Not One and Done. While typically your formal onboarding might be one day, it is important to remember that remote employees don’t’ have regular face to face interaction. Set up several meetings to check in regularly.
  • Set Up Technology. It is essential to ensure that new employees have the technology they need. That doesn’t just mean shipping them a company laptop but also having the IT Department follow up to ensure that they’ve been able to set everything up and configure the systems so they can work efficiently.
  • Encourage Connections and Engagement. Onboarding shouldn’t be one person talking while another listens the whole time. The process should be interactive to keep everyone engaged and connected. Utilize technology tools that sites like Zoom offers to breakout groups, schedule virtual lunches or coffee breaks, and polling new employees throughout the process.
  • Think Long Term. Onboarding should focus on more than just one week on the job. New employees often peak with enthusiasm about a week or two in and then their productivity can drop off. That is why you need to find new ways to ensure new employees feel value and heard, as well as providing resources to help them continue to excel.

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