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How do you effectively manage a remote team?

Managing a remote team can be more difficult as you don’t have the typical face to face interactions. However, there are four main keys to effectively managing your remote team:

  1.  Hold Regular Meetings
  2. It is essential to schedule regular meetings for your remote team. It can be hard with people in different time zones and working different schedules, but it is important to schedule a virtual meeting at least once a week to check in on projects and people.

  3.  Encourage Transparency
  4. You often lose some of the human aspects of employees when working with a remote team. That’s why it’s important to open up to your team and share a bit about yourself and encourage them to do the same. While work is important, it doesn’t always have to be about work while you’re interacting.

  5.  Stay Organized
  6. Organizing your work is also important, especially when working with a large remote team where many projects are being juggled. Utilize a project management system or create your own so you can stay up to date on milestones being reached or projects that are falling behind. It is also important to set clear deadlines and encourage active communication surrounding all of the projects.

  7. Utilize a Time Tracking Tool
  8. Time tracking tools are also essential for managing a remote team. This will allow employees to stay on track, and allow you to review their productivity. Plus, it allows you and your employees to review time spent on certain tasks, so everyone can be mindful of how much times they’re taking to complete things.


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