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5 Red Flags to Look for When Interviewing Remote Job Candidates

5 Red Flags to Look for When Interviewing Remote Job Candidates

Are you starting the process of hiring remote workers? Here are 5 red flags to look through when you start interviewing remote job candidates:

  1. Lack of Flexibility
  2. If you are trying to set an interview up with a candidate and they don’t seem to have much availability or flexibility in their schedule this can be a big red flag. If they cannot even make time to interview with you for the position, what type of time are they going to have available when it comes time to work and schedule meetings down the road?

  3. No Research or Preparation Done
  4. Another big red flag is if the candidate seems like they’ve done little or no preparation for the interview. If they cannot be accountable to do some research on your company, the work that you do, and even yourself as the interviewer, what is going to motivate them to do thorough research when it comes time to do actual work and present ideas?

  5. Provides Vague Answers
  6. Someone that gives very vague answers during an interview is also a sign that they might not be a good fit. This means that they are either non-committal or simply not interested enough to engage with you properly. If you try to get more out of them and they are still providing vague answers, you likely should pass on hiring them.

  7. Lack of Enthusiasm or Motivation During Interview
  8. If the candidate that you are interviewing doesn’t seem very enthusiastic or motivated during your interview, this is a red flag. Remote workers need to be self-motivators because you will not be looking over their shoulder making sure that they are working throughout the day.

  9. Clear Distractions in their Surroundings
  10. If someone has a lot of distractions in the background while interviewing, this could be another red flag. Do they have screaming toddlers running throughout the house? What about 3 yapping dogs that won’t be quiet? Chances are, this is a snapshot of their daily life and it could prohibit them from doing quality work.

Tired of the process for hiring remote candidates? Let My Hired Team help!

Interviewing candidates for a remote position is no small feat. There are so many different things you need to take into consideration, especially since you won’t be interacting with them in person. If you are tired of the process of hiring remote workers, My Hired Team can help. Since , we’ve been helping companies find the best candidates for the job. If you no longer want to do the legwork of searching for and interviewing candidates yourself, let us do it for you! All you need to do is give us a list of qualifications and we’ll do the rest of the work for you to generate a list of qualified candidates for you to choose from. Give us a call today at 714-869-5193 to get started with the process.

To learn more about the reliable and quality remote employee hiring services that we offer, visit us on the web at My Hired Team.

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