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Engaging a Global Team

Engaging a Global Team

With the world becoming more globalized, it is easier to hire people across the globe for your business. Many companies have made a business out of supplying a global workforce. These companies have become very successful. One of these companies is My Hired Team.

Having global teams help businesses obtain new services, different markets, and diverse customers. In order for business teams across the world to work together, the teams should feel united and engaged, regardless of their location. Some issues with having a global team may include the time differences. Having teams in the United States who work with teams from other countries like China or Japan or the United Kingdom, will have to always consider the time differences when scheduling meetings or work functions. Additionally, individuals from across the globe can have differences in cultures.

Tips to Maintain an Engaged Global Team

Global teams that are connected are most effective in their work and have higher performance. Let’s take a look at some tips to ensure that your global team stays connected and engaged.

  1. Be mindful of scheduling meetings. Since there may be significant time differences for teams that are across the globe, be mindful of this when scheduling meeting times. Ensure that one team is not carrying most of the burden of the time difference. Consider a rotating schedule to ensure that the inconvenience is distributed equally among everyone on the teams. It is best to find the least inconvenient time for most of your global, remote employees to participate in the meetings.
  2. Find ways for global team engagements. Since global teams are mostly remote, it can often be lonely and not personal. It’s important to find ways to engage your teams. You can schedule periodic off-site meetings, if budget allows, to increase connection and collaboration. During these types of meetings, you should consider mixing bonding opportunities with business types of things.
  3. Find innovative ways to virtually connect. It’s great to have conference calls for remote global teams to connect. But having video conferences is also a more interactive way to connect global teams and individuals. Video conferencing can provide a richer experience for teams to build a sense of engagement for teams. There are also innovative and interactive ways to engage your global team by having audience response systems in meetings. This encourages everyone on the global teams to be engaged.
  4. Have leaders visit remote global teams. Having leaders in your organization visit your global team will help the teams feel part of the business. Placing effort in this will help send a message that the global teams are important to your business. This also provides an opportunity to show your appreciate for all the effort and work your global team has contributed to your organization.
  5. Lead your organization with a global attitude. It’s important to realize that you have a remote global team and you should lead your organization this way. Things you should consider is the cultural diversity of your teams and the differences is what makes your business stronger.

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