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Do You Need a Job? MHT is Hiring Qualified Candidates Today!

How many times have you had to turn down plans because you were busy with work? Weekend road trips are difficult for nurses who work weekend shifts. Impromptu beach trips are difficult for a college student working at a local retail store. The fact is that summer is upon us and you might be interested in a job with a bit more flexibility. Thankfully, Datafied can make that a possibility for you.

What positions is Datafied hiring for?

So, what positions are Datafied actually looking to fill? Currently, three of our divisions are looking to fill positions. They are HEDIS Nurses, HCC Coders, and Certified Field Agent. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to see what positions were are hiring candidates to fill.

HEDIS Nurses: HEDIS Nurses is a division of Datafied that assists health plan representatives with their HEDIS tasks and projects. From simple chart abstractions to full outsourcing of HEDIS work, the nurses at HEDIS Nurses can do it all. We are interested in hiring quality nurses that want to help health plan representatives with their HEDIS projects. If this sounds intriguing, contact us today!

HCC Coders: Medical coding is essential for maintaining profitability and proper patient care. At HCC Coders, our coders assist with medical coding, especially Medicare risk-adjustment coding. From small audits to complete outsourcing of risk adjustment coding, the coders at HCC Coders can do it all. If you are a certified coder, contact us today to apply for a position.

Certified Field Agent: At Certified Field Agent, we obtain records that clients request from a variety of facilities. When clients request medical, legal, or financial records, our agents are tasked with obtaining the records from the facility housing them. We are always looking to grow our national network with qualified and dedicated individuals, so if that sounds like you, contact us today!

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