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Hire your medical team with us!

Hire your medical team with us!

The healthcare industry is constantly changing with costs continuously on the rise. It doesn’t help that there is a shortage of healthcare professionals. We frequently hear on the news there’s a shortage of doctors and nurses to care for patients. But other health care positions are also affected. These include: health aides, nursing assistants, and laboratory technicians. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the shortage of qualified professionals to fill these important medical roles intensifies.

Why is there a shortage of medical professionals?

There’s a shortage of medical professionals in the United States. One reason for the lack of healthcare specialists is because there is an increase number of this position due to the aging Baby Boomers generation. The US Census data reports that there are approximately 49 million people who are 65 years or older that live in the US. Additionally, due to advances in medicine and technology people are living longer. Another reason for the lack of healthcare professionals is because experienced medical specialists are retiring at a more rapid rate compared to other professions. New graduates from healthcare programs are also reduced, contributing to the shortage.

Hiring qualified health professionals is challenging

Finding people with a health care background who are qualified to fill these medical job vacancies is a challenge. As the shortage worsens, there are less and less applicants to select from. Most all health care professional positions require a certain level of education. Registered nurses jobs would typically need a bachelor’s degree. In order to work as a physician, the amount of years invested in education and post-graduate experience is extensive. Locating individuals with the qualified education and experience levels to fulfill these positions are challenging. As the talent pool for competent health professionals shrinks, organizations must look to using innovative ways to reach active and passive job seekers. Let’s take a look at one of the best way to achieve this.

How My Hired Team can help!

If you’re a healthcare organization looking for ways to hire qualified people, then My Hired Team can help. Here at My Hired Team, we are experts in hiring for a number of industries. One of the areas we specialize in, is finding qualified healthcare professionals to join your team! We can help you hire specialists in healthcare services, nursing, and medical records processing. Give us a call at 714-869-5193 today to learn more about how we can help you!

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