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Questions to Ask a Candidate for a Remote Job During an Interview: Part 2

Questions to Ask a Candidate for a Remote Job During an Interview: Part 2

Planning on hiring remote workers? Keep reading for Part Two of our series on questions to ask a remote job candidate during an interview!

  1. Where do you prefer to work?
  2. By asking this question you can get an understanding of where your candidate will plan on working. If they will work from home, ask what their home office setup is like. Do they have everything they need to be productive and is the workplace free of major distractions?

    Alternatively, if a candidate prefers to work from the couch, backyard, or somewhere else like a coffee shop or library, ensure that they have a way to stay connected to the job. If you require a connection to secure internet and not public Wi-Fi, you should specify that requirement.

  3. What do you dislike about working in an office?
  4. This question will give you a better idea of the candidate’s motivations for working from home. Do they hate socializing with coworkers and typically office chit-chat? Do they state that they hate having someone look over their shoulder all the time or that they want to be able to work in their pajamas?

  5. Tell me about a time that you took a risk and it failed. What did you learn?
  6. Asking this question will give you a better idea of how adaptable a remote candidate is. Did they learn from the mistake and adjust their approach next time or do they place the blame on others? You want a team player that doesn’t believe it is their way or the highway so keep that in mind.

  7. How do you switch off work at the end of the day?
  8. Wherever you work, when you’re not in the office the line between personal and work like can become blurred. Ask how the candidate plans to take breaks, manage their days, and stay focused on work tasks during work hours. Knowing how they plan to turn off the work switch will give you a better idea of how well they balance work and personal life.

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