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Remote Work, A Paradigm Shift in the Digital Workforce

Technology A Driver of Remote Work

Remote Work, A Paradigm Shift in the Digital Workforce

Remote work is changing the way business operates and reshaping the workforce paradigm. Employers are not the only benefactor of this changing workforce, but employees who remote work also benefit. The emergence of the digital office has significantly changed the attitudes towards remote work and whether people should work the traditional 9 to 5 hours. A significant driver of remote work is technology. The development of digital technologies is enabling workers to work almost from anywhere in the world and at any time. In our digitally connected world, we can communicate and collaborate instantaneously at the click of a mouse button or opening a mobile application. Technology companies such as Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Office 360, makes file sharing, document editing, and remote meeting possible even if your colleagues are in different locations. Telecommunicating is a significant contributor to work productivity and boosts creativity between teams reducing the time wasted traveling between office locations. Technology is changing the fundamental perception of the office location and the traditional working hours.

Get Management and Personnel on Board

Remote work can be implemented in small or large ways that mutually benefits both the employer and employee. Two essential factors in establishing a productive remote work environment are to get management and personnel onboard and develop a remote work policy. The way some people feel about non-traditional working hours and their expectations can significantly impact whether a company can implement remote work. Having managerial and employee buy-in from the beginning with justifications of the benefits of remote work can change prejudicial views of remote work. Benefits for the company may include financial savings, increased productivity, reduce employee turnover, tapping into a global workforce, and fostering better work culture. Most people are thrilled about the opportunities to work from home, and make significant contributions to the organizations they work for.

Define Remote Work Policies for Effective Work

Setting policies and expectations so that the nature of the remote work is clearly defined can remove any gray areas or concerns that employers and employees may have. A company could set policies to allow personnel who are eligible for remote work to come onsite a few days of the week. Giving the department managers the autonomy to discuss with each member of his or her team the specifics and flexibility of the job requirements can determine what type of work can be suitable for remote work. Regardless of the amount of remote work done, a full-time work schedule will usually require 40 hours per week.

Standard practice and communication protocol should be clearly defined. Remote work facilitates a high degree of trust between the employee and employer. A schedule should be agreed upon by the employee and employer. Employees should dedicate workspace that can produce an equal amount of productivity to work done at the office. He or she should be accessible during regular business hours and communicate with his or her team quickly. Defining and making communications easy and convenient between employees and management can make remote work productive and foster a collaborative team. As your company gets ready to adopt remote work either routinely or on an as need basis, establishing standard practices and policies will make the transition less ambiguous.

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