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Support with a Virtual Assistant

What is a virtual assistant?

Support with a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who helps provide support services to other businesses from another location, usually a remote location. Due to the advances in technology, the ability to work virtually, became a reality starting in the early 1990’s. Advancements with high speed internet, document sharing, and other things made working remotely possible. Entrepreneurs and online businesses usually hire virtual assistants that need help but do not want to get a full-time staff to the business. As virtual assistants expand, more and more small to mid-sized businesses are using virtual assistants to support their needs.

What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants can practically do practically anything to support your business needs. They offer support for many office, scheduling, and administrative tasks. They can manage emails and social media, and perform research tasks. Virtual assistants can also manage appointments, perform proofreading tasks, and do some personal shopping. They can do tasks other support staff can do, but many virtual assistants can provide marketing, web design and other services as well. Some virtual assistants even specialize in specific skill sets. For instance, a marketing virtual assistant usually only does marketing or PR work, where as a real estate virtual assistant does tasks only related to realtor clients. Some virtual assistants also handle bookkeeping tasks on top of regular office duties.

Where can I find virtual assistants?

There are many ways to find or hire virtual assistants. Many virtual assistants work from their home virtually, and can be freelancers. There are some freelancer websites that virtual assistants can find work. Other virtual assistants work under a contract with small businesses to provide their services. Small businesses would usually post a job opportunity for a virtual assistant and applicants would apply. Virtual assistants can also be hired from businesses that provide virtual assistant services. It is usually better to hire a virtual assistant from a business that specializes in providing the most qualified virtual assistants. One such business that provides virtual assistants to fulfill your needs is My Hired Team.

How can My Hired Team help?

My Hired Team offers professional and experienced virtual assistants. We specialize in resourcing this service to you. We make sure you get the most qualified virtual assistant to help you with all of your support needs. Give us a call at 714-869-5193 to learn more about how our virtual assistants can support your business. For more information, you can also visit our site online.

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