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The argument for streamlining fulfillment services

The argument for streamlining fulfillment services

In the digital space for ecommerce, a company must handle accounting, purchasing, marketing, and operations for all areas of a business. So much of business is now conducted through the internet and having the knowledge to manage order fulfillment can be challenging, particularly for small business who just want to focus on growing the business and following new leads. Fortunately, there is a growing class of service companies that allows sellers to outsource product receiving, inventorying, packing, and shipping.

The advantages of fulfillment services

Fulfilment services act just like a team that you would have in house without having to hire people to manage and run order fulfilment. A fulfilment service will do just about everything that a fulfilment team would do by checking in products that arrives from manufacturers or distributors, organizing and cataloging products, and fulfilling customer orders, and answering’s customer questions online. Fulfilment services can be scaled to the size and needs of your business without going over budget. Here are some benefits that you should adding fulfilment services as a part of your business operations.

  1. Scalability and flexibility
  2. Business cycles can fluctuate throughout the years and having a responsive workforce to respond to the demands can be challenging to predict especially around the holidays. To offset this need, fulfilment services can be an attractive service to add to your business operations because of the scalability and flexibility of these services. Outsourcing order fulfilment allows brick and motor retailers and pure ecommerce merchants to bring on temporary works and not have to invest in training or long-term investments in capital. For this reason, fulfilment services can scale to the immediate needs of a business and when help is needed.

  3. Lower business expense
  4. In today’s competitive retail market space, many merchants are offering free shipping as an incentive. However, the companies who deliver the packages must get paid for their services as well. Without having to staff a fulfillment department, the expensive could be used to lower shipping cost to customers as a marketing tool to remain competitive. Fulfillment service companies with warehouse space across the country could help lower shipping cost and shipping time, this can be an added bonus that can reduce your company’s need to lease or build a warehouse. Warehouse space are fixed cost that can be expensive when sale volumes are low. However, with fulfilment services, you can offload some of this fixed cost and only focus on when your business will need additional help making warehouse cost a variable cost of your business operations.

Fulfillment services have a lot to offer any size business that can greatly benefit a business to reduce cost and allow you to focus on growth. If you have questions how fulfillment services can help your business, give My Hired Team a call at 714-869-5193 to talk to our specialists today to see how we can help you.

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